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Dark Chocolate 76% - (Box of 14 bars)-  (Origin Tumaco, Colombia)

Dark Chocolate 76% - (Box of 14 bars)- (Origin Tumaco, Colombia)

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76% Cacao

Harvest 2019, Criollo cacao of Tumaco

The color, the flavor – bite into this bar and you’ll immediately know. Tumaco is new to you. It leans over the Pacific, and thrusts out. The land dances, separating it from the rest of Colombia. In exchange, from the richness of water and breeze, to the currulao music and the giant crab, you have unmistakeable “sabor.” Wild and capricious, and now unleashed to the world.


Notes of burnt caramel, white grape, ripe banana.

Quantity shipped - 14 bars of 30 grams

Cacao to organic cane sugar content – 76% cacao, 24% organic cane sugar.

Ingredients: Cacao, organic cane sugar. No added cacao butter or emulsifiers.
Vegan / Direct Trade / See the Ingredients – No Gluten, Dairy or Soy
Sourced directly from the cacao farms of Tumaco paying fair prices.