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Golden Miracle - (Box of 14 bars) -  Vegan White Chocolate with Turmeric

Golden Miracle - (Box of 14 bars) - Vegan White Chocolate with Turmeric

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“Why do you build me up (vegan) buttercup baby!”


You wanted it. We wanted it. Vegan white choco. But let’s be honest. Miracles don’t happen daily.

White chocolate is normally beautiful in color, nice, and white and…incredibly sweet. Milk power and white sugar are usually the "industry standards" here, but we could not do that to you. It is not healthy, it is not Tilin Tilin Chocolate. Organic mineral rich Panela instead of the white stuff. Take out the processed milk powder, we use organic, dehydrated lucuma from Peru, high in fiber and vitamins. And then we went further, we went experimenting for you. Darwinning, Magellan-ing. Using real plant elixirs. anti-inflammatory turmeric goes in. Colombian artesanal peanuts from Nariño. With nutrition content preserved, and a blend of flavors out of this world, all we can say is “curcum-azing.”

Unlike traditional white chocolate, this chocolate has beautiful hues of gold and brown. To provide the optimal flavor profile for this white chocolate, a small percentage of dark chocolate with organic panela from Tumaco is "swirled" into this magic. 

Quantity shipped - 14 bars of 30 grams

Ingredients: Organic panela, artisanal cocoa butter, organic lucuma, dark chocolate (cacao, organic panela), peanut, turmeric.
Vegan / See the Ingredients – No Gluten, Dairy or Soy