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Guandolo Lemon and Sea Salt - The Favorite - (Box of 14 bars)

Guandolo Lemon and Sea Salt - The Favorite - (Box of 14 bars)

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Meet guandolo...the unrefined elixir of Colombia.

You see guandolo was Colombia's national beverage before hot chocolate, and before coffee. Minimal technology needed - its fresh squeezed cane juice from the cane, blended with lemon. Simple, yet intoxicating.

So, we had no choice, we had to make a chocolate in homage. We kept it simple too – the goodness of the finest organic panela (the crown jewel of unrefined sweetener), a citrus-caramel organic cacao (65%), a touch of lemon, and sea salt. To your unrefined health. Unless you eat like 10 guandolo bars....not that we'd blame you.

14 bars of 30 grams

Cacao to panela content – 70% cacao, 30% panela. Overall cacao content of bar is approx 65-67% as we sprinkle additional panela on top of each bar for a wonderful textural finish.

Ingredients: Cacao*, panela*, lemon oil, sea salt. *organic ingredients
Vegan / Paleo / Direct Trade / See the Ingredients – No Gluten, Dairy or Soy
Sourced from the cacao farms of the Darien Gap