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Paleo Organic Rooibos and Roses (Box of 14 bars)

Paleo Organic Rooibos and Roses (Box of 14 bars)

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Organic Rooibos and Roses – Vegan Dark Chocolate - (Paleo-friendly)

Did you know that Colombia’s world famous bicyclists only drink panela when they ride? We grind a tangy organic cacao from the Caribbean coast, with organic nutrient rich panela from the highlands. Try it, and your body is going to thank you. Polyphenol rich rooibos, roses, lavender. Those antioxidants, the vegan ingredients that Tilin Tilin always stands for means you can indulge with clean energy. And with minimally processed panela perfect for a paleo’ve got a bounce in your step, even if it’s a Monday.

Quantity shipped - 14 bars of 30 grams

Cacao to panela content – 70% cacao, 30% panela. Overall cacao content of bar is 69%.
Ingredients: Cacao*, panela*, rooibos*, roses*, lavender*, blueberries*, hibiscus*. *organic ingredients
Vegan / Paleo / Direct Trade / See the Ingredients – No Gluten, Dairy or Soy
Sourced from the cacao farms of the Darien Gap