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The Plant-Based Chocolate Limited Editions Kit

The Plant-Based Chocolate Limited Editions Kit

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From the sacred rainforest of Colombia, to highlands were award-winning panela is harvested and turned into the best rums in the world, to our fans who knock on our factory door and bless us with gifts, ideas, and to our amazing team that is crazy enough to say yes we will....

We want to give you a taste of the corners, edges of the unknown of the plant-based chocolate world. These are sacred gifts, 3 hexagonal shaped chocolate with flavors that are limited edition runs, never to be made again by us, and crafted in a biodegradable packaging that is biodegradable plastic to protect the chocolate and a sustainable-palm box beautifully made by artisans of the indigenous province of Guainía, Colombia.

Available now:

Vegan White Chocolate Matcha - Coconut, artisanal cacao butter, cane sugar, tapioca fiber, matcha from Matcha Bar. Beautifully balanced and unbelievably difficult to make a bar like this, you will love the notes of coconut and bright fruity matcha from Matcha Bar.

Parce Rum (#1 Award-Winning rum in the World) with Cyprus Sea Salt. 70% Cacao, Organic Panela, Cane Sugar, Cacao Nibs, Sea Salt from Cyprus.

Yacon 85% - Cacao blended with a glycemic-index of 1 alternative sweetener that is a form of sweet potato/tubercule called yacon. At 85% this bar can be aged for years in a cool dry place and will only get softer and mellower and more complex with age.  Ingredients - Cacao, Colombian artisanally-dried yacon. 

Bars are 40 grams in weight and come with a money-back guarantee of satisfaction.